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Knowledge Perk

Full Coffee Immersion

Knowledge Perk is interested in more than coffee-as-usual. We aim to transform your coffee experience from one that is passive and detached to one that is active and immersive. Key features of our philosophy are. . .


A commitment to farm-to-cup, ethical, sustainable sourcing practices sets the foundation for our standard of unparalleled quality in the local retail coffee market, providing customers with a sensory coffee experience that most have never had.


By harnessing existing technologies and creating new applications, we will immerse customers in an experience that not only puts them closer to the production process, but actually involves them in it.


We intend to create a unique education program that is active and immersive for customers, using a “high tech, high touch” approach that personalizes their experience in ways unique to Knowledge Perk.


Ironically in an age of lightning-speed technological advancement, although people are more connected than ever, in significant ways they are also more isolated and divided than ever. Knowledge Perk’s philosophy focuses on authenticity and personal relationship for the good of the communities where we live and the communities Knowledge Perk will touch as it grows.


As a new company, we have much work to do to realize our ultimate vision. Keep checking our blog and sign up for our email newsletter to stay current on the exciting developments in the works.