LA Rivera

La Rivera - KWES YU’KIWE

KWES YU’KIWE, an indigenous reservation in the mountains of Valle del Cauca, holds a gift that brings hope to a community once assaulted by the constant violence of the conflict in Colombia. While each one of the 53 families who are part of the association ASOASIR grows a multitude of crops other than coffee, it is their coffee that has drawn international attention to their territory. Finca Bet-El, our newest partner in our coffee journey, is instrumental in painting a better future for their younger generations through coffee. With programs like lot separation, cupping, and barista training, Finca Bet-El has helped the children of traditional coffee producers see coffee differently and start a career in the industry.

Colombia Nasa Kwésx Yu’ KIWE
Nasa Kwésx Yu’ KIWE
Medium Roast

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Our Coffee

Knowledge perk strives to source the highest quality green coffee, through direct trade and reputable importers using fair trade and organic certifications. We focus both on the quality of coffee and our impact in the coffee growing communities.

limited release single origin

Our limited releases focus on coffee from the top lots we can find in a single origin, with an emphasis on high coffee scores and an unmatched taste. Our limited release comes and go in smaller batches and are typically a one-time offering.

signature blended coffee

KP blends are different single origins blended together creating a taste unique to knowledge perk. In keeping to our entrepreneurial roots, our blends are signified by words that have a meaning specific to that blend and is also frequently used in startups.

single-origin coffee

Our single origins are sourced from one specific grower, crop, and region, with an emphasis placed on the relationship to the farmer and the story that comes with it.


DIY Roasting

Introduction to Coffee Roasting -- Sign up for this 3-hour seminar that will teach you the basics of roasting and give you hands-on training on our IR-1 roasters. The seminar includes all the green coffee you’ll need for the training and you’ll go home with enough roasted coffee to caffeinate yourself for weeks to come. At the conclusion of the seminar, you get a certificate of completion and are approved to reserve unlimited free time to roast your own coffee.

Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Small-batch Roastery

Knowledge Perk is a Roastery and Coffee shop located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We are a small-batch roastery with a mission to transform the way you experience coffee and the global community that brings it to you.